The Facts

Georgia Andra Ardenita Medintu is 25 years old and the founder of BRUSH by MG, a woman focused accessory web shop. BRUSH is focused on versatile, high quality leather and snake skin bags and belts. Her passion for brand- building, communication and fashion have led her in becoming  an entrepreneur in the industry. She is originally from Romania but left her home country at 14 years old to finish high school in the US. She then moved to London UK, where she finished her undergrad and masters. Currently living in Barcelona where she finished her second masters in Fashion Product Management. 

My story

I always knew fashion would be my calling, I just did not know when. I had jobs in different fields but nothing felt right, until one evening when I started sketching different bags when it just came to me. I started remembering the days when I was “stealing” my mom’s bags and made extra holes in her belts so they would fit me. Everything started to make sense, and the next day I began designing and hand painting on garments and bags. Brush was born only 2 years after that. I finally found my way in life and making beautiful accessories for likeminded people is my passion. Everything feels so right now and I am so happy to share with you every collection planned for the future.


I was scared.  I didn’t think that I will be good enough and strong enough to start a business alone. I felt like I didn’t know enough, I felt like I needed more experience or more knowledge to do something on my own, I wasn’t brave enough to take the risk. Wrong mind-set. I am learning everyday by working on my own business more than I would learn working for someone else’s dream. The motivation and the perseverance is totally different.

Once you put all your insecurities aside and you walk the extra mile and get out of your comfort zone, you can do whatever you set your mind too.

You are never closer to having what you want than the day you felt like quitting. Don’t quit on your dreams, one step at a time.

I hope you love my Brush bag as much as I do.

Kisses, MG