Hey Brush Babes ! We’ve been a little busy but we are back with some great content ! You’ve probably seen our pictures all over your Instagram. Colorful,Vibrant and Original you could’nt really miss it !

For the launch of the Ruler Bag collection we wanted to do something special and close to home. As a Romanian brand from Arad, through this photoshoot we wanted to showacase the importance of the local businesses of our little town. This pandemic has showed us that the little things we take for granted actually make a big difference so we wanted to do a shoutout to those who supported us during those hard times.

First we made a stop at Mihai Viteazu Market, essential place if you want to test local products and are fond of tastings of all kinds of fresh products. From vegetables, to fruits, meats and all kinds of cheese, you will certainly not leave empty-handed and will surely find what you heart desire.

Then we change location and made a stop at Euroil, Strada Andrei Saguna 19, Whether it’s to refuel or stock up on snacks and sodas, this gas station welcomes you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Finally, we finished this photoshoot in a place that you will have the opportunity to discover very soon, my apartment which will serve as premises for Brush and in which you will find our offices, a showroom and a photo studio.

If you come around Arad, don’t forget to stop by these spots that make our city special. To be real at first I was a little worried about how people were going to react but surprisingly they were all ready to help and everyone wanted to be involved in some way and just for that I am really thankful, getting support from the locals is always the best feeling. On top of that, the pictures turned out amazing, so a special thanks to @stefanconstantingeorgian for bringing my vision to reality.

See you next tuesday brush Babes until then don’t forget to go after your vision and your ideas !