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Hey Brush Babes!

In the last blog we introduced you to Baby Frame, so today we’re going to delve into the story of Frame.

The Frame family began with Baby; petite, cute, sassy. Baby is practical and statement all at once, just like her personality, she stands out. All the Frame family love art, so they’ve been designed with an angular handle, representing a picture frame. Picture perfect!

Baby’s not alone, though. She’s got a big sister who’s joining us soon! Big Sis is chic and cool, she has the same taste as Baby and comes in the same design, but she’s a big gal, she likes to be seen. Big Sis carries her iPad wherever she goes, she’s a busy bee and hasn’t got time to get changed between work and play.

On weekends, the girls go out together and Big Sis likes to hold Baby’s hand ‘cause she’s cool and caring. The Frame girls are inseparable!

Wanna hang out with Big Sis? Pre-order here or check out our styling video on YouTube.

See you next time Brush Babes!

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