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Stroke & Splash Wallet


Rectangular shape wallet with 2 compartments. 2 Press-studs closing system. Can be worn either as a wallet, or as a bag organiser. Keep in mind that the item will look slightly different from the picture due to the fact that every wallet is hand splashed individually for a more personalized look.

Dimensions: 20 x 2 (up to 6) x 15cm / 7,8 x 0.8 (up to 2,3) x 5.9in

Outer: 100% calf leather

Inner: black textile

Shiny Black Accessories

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The Brush Bags wallet is perfect to fit the essentials and organizing things in your purse. They are of High quality due to the fact that the leather we use is Calf Leader which is softer than others.

This Brush Wallet is perfect for organization and or for keeping things in place in purses or travel bags. Having the colour white with splashes of paint makes it easy to be found in the purse or the travel bag. The brush wallet is made out of calf leather which can easily be cleaned due to its white colour and composition and besides the shape and colour the fitting is ideal.

Whenever the purse is full of pens lipsticks small papers business cards headphones and other accessories found there the brush wallet keeps everything in place and it also fits everything in there. The hassle of having a mess in your own purse is over due to the fact that the wallet keeps it all together.

The rectangular brush bag shape is of 20x2x15 cm in size having the inner portion of it made out of Black textile whereas having the outer white full calf leather with splashes of paint. The Brush Wallet is definitely adequate for other uses and not only for organisation having the wallet be worn individually as well.

In stock