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Black Ruler Bag


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This bag is inspired by the most useful and basic item when used to measure. A triangular ruler.
Having a unique triangular shape, the ruler bag has a futuristic look with a unique design, definitely not the regular bag you see around.
Closing with 2 press studs, the ruler bag has a 120 cm long belt with 2 holes which can be adjusted accordingly. Adjust the belt according to how you want to wear it.
1. In your hand having the belts unite at the bottom giving the bag a unique cover.
2. Over your shoulder while one strap is under and one on the side.
3. Cross body while both ends of the belt are on the sides.
This Unique design was created to give the bag versatility.
The best part about this bag is the fact that even thou it does not look like it fits much it fits a lot more.

100% calf leather
Size : 35 X 20 cm

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