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Hey Brush Babes, meet Baby Frame!

Baby likes to take selfies, hang out with her friends, she takes her “me-time” seriously, and her favorite meal of the day is brunch.

Baby Frame lives her life fully immersed in a world of color, she likes to stand out, she doesn’t fit in, she starts the trend, she doesn’t follow it.

At the heart, Baby is a practical girl. She likes to take out just what she needs and look good doing it!

Baby Frame comes with a belt strap and adjustable clips. You can wear her round your waist, over the shoulder, attached to your jeans or trousers, or even attached to other bags!

Take good care of Baby, she comes in Calf Leather and Python Leather models and she’s bursting with color!

Wanna hang out with Baby?

Check out more of our styling suggestions below, shop Frame or see the full styling video on YouTube here.

See you next time Brush Babes!

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