How did I(MG) come up with BRUSH?

It was November 2017 in Barcelona. 
I knew I wanted to make a practical bag. I knew how I wanted it to look, I knew I wanted it to be versatile/high-quality/everyday wear, but I did not know what name I should give the brand. 
My inspiration comes in crowded/ public places so everyday I was in a new coffee place with my laptop and pink notebooks. 
This time I chose Costa Cafe next to Paseo de Gracia. From 10 am till 7 pm I was just figuring out how to, where to, for who, about who. 


4 hot chocolates with marshmallows and 3 bottles of water later ( a few bathroom runs as well) 
I passed my fingers thru my soft hair and realised it was tangled once again from rubbing against my daily winter uniform( turtle necks). Hopeless, still not having figured out a name for my bags, I take my bag and start looking for something to untangle my hair. SOMETHING ? it was a hair BRUSH that I needed. Yes a Brush and then the little ? turned on. 

I started calling my entire family just saying BRUSH BRUSH BRUSH …… the more I was saying it the better it started to sound. 
I got it, I got the name: its short, easy to remember, has many symbols to choose from and It is mine. 
Always things come when u least expect them. 
Eventually Costa closed, I got home, finally brushed my hair and didnt sleep for 2 nights planning everything around it. 
BY MG= well MG are my main initials 
Today is : BRUSH BY MG