Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We design and produce high-quality leather and snake skin accessories with a universal state of mind. The artisanal elements of each collection are not only chic, fashionable and easy to wear but every piece blends from day to night for a woman with poise and grace.

Set of values

Moreover, behind every BRUSH handbag there are a set of values:

Make a Statement: A stroke of style is mandatory – conversation starter.

Concept Creation: BRUSH bags are created with the modern woman in mind – free and easy yet mysterious. Starting from concept creation to production, each phase is treated with devotion to detail and precision.

Our Story

BRUSH began with a hot coco on a sweet November evening in perfect Barcelona. It is not just a brand of casual luxury bags.

BRUSH is a stroke of style.

Timeless Design

Combining classy and elegant with shades of retro, BRUSH bags can have a wear ability for any occasion or engagement, carried by women with attitude and integrity.